led downlight | How to choose a high-quality LED downlight brand
01 Jan

led downlight | How to choose a high-quality LED downlight brand

LED downlight has the following advantages: low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, fast response, good color rendering, and long life. After installing the LED downlight, the overall unity of the interior decoration can be maintained. Here, emergency light manufacturers specifically discuss how to choose high-quality LED downlight brands, let us take a closer look.

1. Look at the "spot"

As the shape of the light of the LED downlight projected on the plane, the spot is the main standard line for judging the light quality of the lamp. Excellent light spot can directly improve the visual texture of the object, and the expanded light is more natural: different types of light spots, different angle lighting effects. A good spot has a clear focus, uniform imaging, natural diffusion of peripheral light, and no stray light and dark spots.

2. Look at "Anti-glare"

Glare is also called "light noise", which refers to unwanted glare and interference light. The "glare" leaking from the lampshade will directly affect people's visual comfort. The design defect of the lamp causes the naked eye to see the light source directly during use, which is the reason for the anti-glare downlight under normal circumstances. Therefore, mirrors, lenses and hoods are usually designed to avoid glare.

The anti-glare function is just the "strength" of the Black Diamond series LED downlight. It uses a scientific secondary light distribution design and attaches great importance to the control of glare. The inner wall of the reflector cup has a unique texture, and a new generation of nano-coating technology is used to further enhance its "deep anti-glare" function. Ensure uniform light output, natural halo transition, no macular stray light and light efficiency ≥ 95LM/W.

3. Look at the "signature"

CRI is short for color rendering index. It is an index to evaluate the faithful color reproduction ability of the measured light source relative to the reference light source. It is based on the reference or reference light source of the same color temperature (the black body radiator with the same color temperature lower than 5000K and higher than 5000K is a CIE daylight model with the same color temperature).

4. Look at the color temperature

The color temperature is also an important parameter for evaluating the light output of the lamp. It is a subjective index, that is, there is no absolute good or bad, right or wrong, the key depends on the applicability of use in different occasions, and the "accuracy" of the color temperature, whether there is an error.