led lights downlights-D4S

led lights downlights-D4S

Model: D4-S
Minimum Order: 3,000pcs/model
Place of Origin: Foshan, China
Production Capacity: 400,000 - 600,000pcs/Year
Payment Terms: T/T
Brand Name: DD Era Lighting
Certification:CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS

Due to the limited size design of traditional chip mounted down lights, it is difficult to change the light angle through secondary optics, and the advantages of cob down lights can be perfectly displayed. Because the heat dissipation of cob light source is a difficulty of LED chips in the early stage, the overall price of cob down lights is on the high side. At present, with the continuous improvement of cob packaging technology, the heat dissipation effect of auxiliary heat dissipation materials such as thermal conductive silicone grease has been improved With the improvement of efficiency, the power of cob single light source is also increasing, and it will be used more and more in high-power down lights.
Cob down light can be used as lighting source in the public corridor corridor, parking lot or hotel shop. It can be said that cob down light is everywhere in our daily life, study and work. With the improvement of material life, the time of night leisure consumption life is getting longer and longer, and lighting has become a must in our life A small part. Cob down light will also be integrated into our daily life. Beautify our life, light our life!

Led Lights Downlights


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