Know more about our plastic T shape led light

The heat generated by LED bulb light source is transmitted to the plastic light body on the surface through the aluminum substrate and the connected aluminum cup to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. As the thermal conductivity of the plastic is higher and higher, the heat dissipation problem of the LED light source is effectively solved. The lampshade of the plastic coated aluminum bulb is made of pure PC material, and its light transmittance is more than 90%. Therefore, the plastic coated aluminum bulb has the characteristics of light weight, high brightness, nice price, convenient installation and maintenance.

The power of plastic shape bulb is usually from 5W to 60W, and the light efficiency is 90lm/w, which makes it can be used in many places. The warehouse is not only a place for storing goods, but also a workplace as an office. LED plastic coated aluminum bulb has the advantage of high brightness, light weight and easy installation, which can be flexibly installed in each area of the warehouse to meet the illumination requirements of basic lighting, local lighting and office lighting. In the warehouse office area, it is suitable to use about 20W-25W bulb, which can be equipped with traditional lampshade to block the surrounding glare. The average illumination of the office area is 300-500lux, and the power, quantity and height of lamp distribution in the warehouse aisle are determined according to the space height and aisle width. Generally, 40-60W plastic coated aluminum bulb products can be used, and the average illumination is 50-75lux. Because the plastic coated aluminum bulb adopts the general E27 lamp cap, it is very convenient to be installed and maintained. The lamp body adopts the heat-conducting flame-retardant material, and at the same time, it also eliminates the fire safety hazards.
plastic T shape led light


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