How does LED downlight achieve truly high quality-price ratio

The applicability and comfort of LED downlight are becoming more and more well-known, and the application space is becoming more and more extensive. With the increasing popularity of the main lamp design, downlights have also begun to enter consumer homes, adding to the soft atmosphere of the home.

but! When consumers choose LED downlights, they usually only pay attention to visible styles and prices, tangible materials and details. The "anti-blue light damage performance", which is closely related to vision health and energy saving and emission reduction affecting sustainable development, is an intangible feature that is invisible to the naked eye or in the short term. They are very important for indoor light consumption, but they are often overlooked.

Anti-blue light: No damage to inspection-free level

You must be familiar with the term "Blu-ray". In daily life, the harm of blue light is one of the focal points that many people should pay attention to when buying desk lamps. In fact, not only desk lamps, but all light sources of indoor lighting should pay attention to their anti-blue light performance. Especially the LED downlight, its use is becoming more and more widely used, and it should not be ignored in the office/conference room that requires a long time of concentration and the family space that carries the daily life of the family! Because blue light can penetrate the cornea and lens to reach the retina, causing photobiological damage.

But blue light ≠ blue light is harmful! Blue light itself is a component of natural light, and only high-energy blue light can harm the eyes. The International Institute of Illumination divides the blue light of the retina into RG0, RG1, RG2 and RG34 according to the low to high hazard levels, namely the four exempt levels, low risk, medium risk and high risk.


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