Introduction to the advantages of LED bulbs

LED bulbs are very common products, but many people don't know what advantages LED bulbs have.

1. The lamp body is very small

The LED lamp is a small, very fine LED chip encapsulated in a transparent epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light, and can save a lot of materials and space in production and application.

2. Very low energy consumption

The working voltage of the LED lamp is generally only 2~3.6V, and the working current is only 0.02~0.03A. That is to say: it consumes no more than 0.1W, and consumes more than 90% less electricity than incandescent lamps with the same light efficiency, which is more energy-saving The lights are reduced by more than 70%. Therefore, only LED can be called a real energy-saving light source!

Three, strong and durable

The LED chip is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin. The small epoxy resin particles are extremely difficult to break, and the entire lamp body has no loose parts; the chip inside is extremely difficult to break, and there is little thermal effect that may volatilize and fuse.

Fourth, the LED lamp has a long service life

Under the right current and voltage, the service life of the LED lamp can reach 100,000 hours, that is, theoretically, the life of the product can reach more than 10 years, which has a longer service life than other types of lamps.


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