Introduction to the characteristics of LED flood lights

Under small current, the temperature rise of LED flood light is not obvious. If the ambient temperature occurs, the main light of the LED flood light will appear red-shift, the acceleration will decrease, and the light-emitting synchronization and synchronization will become worse. Especially the dot matrix display. The rise of the screen has a more significant impact on the temperature and expansion of the LED floodlight.

Floodlights can be placed on anything in the scene. The scope can be placed outside the camera, and can be placed outside the camera. It is common to use many different colored floodlights in the scene at a distance. These floodlights can project and blend the darkness on the model.

Because the shooting range of the floodlight is relatively large, the effect of the floodlight is very easy to predict, and there are many auxiliary uses of this kind of absorption, for example, placing the floodlight on an object close to the ground, and the location is determined to produce bright on the surface of the object The light.


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