Why Super Slim Down light is so popular now

as it Keep the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, do not destroy the setting of lamps, the light source is hidden inside the architectural decoration, the light source is not exposed, no glare, and the visual effect is soft and uniform.DD Era lighting developed Super slim down light based on following characteristic and have much advantages as follows:

1.Energy saving: the energy consumption of white LED is only 1 / 10 of that of incandescent lamp and 2 / 5 of that of energy-saving lamp. Long life: the theoretical life of LED can exceed 100000 hours, which is "once and for all" for ordinary household lighting.

2. Down light can work at high speed: if the energy-saving lamp is started or turned off frequently, the filament will turn black and be damaged quickly.

3. Solid state packaging, which belongs to the type of cold light source. So it is very convenient to transport and install, can be installed in any micro and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, the main consideration is heat dissipation.

4. The technology of LED lamps and lanterns is improving with each passing day. Its luminous efficiency is making an amazing breakthrough, and the price is also decreasing. The era of white LED lamps and lanterns entering the family is coming rapidly.

5. Environmental protection, free of mercury (Hg) and other substances harmful to the environment, will not cause damage to the environment. The assembly parts of LED lamp can be easily disassembled, and can be recycled by others without recycling by manufacturers. LED does not contain infrared, ultraviolet, so it does not attract insects.

6. Fast response speed: LED has fast response speed, which completely eliminates the shortcomings of traditional high pressure sodium lamp with long starting process.

7. Environmental protection: no mercury and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment. (experts point out that Mercury in a fluorescent energy-saving lamp can pollute 180 tons of water source),

8. Economy: because electricity saving can reduce electricity expenses, the cost of lamps can be recovered in one and a half years. A family can save dozens of yuan a month. 9. Low carbon: saving electricity is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions.

9. Long life type: the service life of LED lamps is 50000 hours, and six hours a day is 20 years.


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