Several common installation methods of track lighting

Track lighting, as the name suggests, are lights installed on similar tracks. The illumination angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is generally used as a spotlight for places that require accent lighting. The installation methods of track lights are roughly divided into the following categories.

Track Lighting

1. Surface Mount

This installation method saves the track part and makes the entire suspended ceiling look clean and tidy.

But this kind of installation method should pay special attention to the installation position and angle. In the design stage, the Track Lighting installation position and the number of lamps should be determined; at the same time, the projection direction and purpose of the lamps should be considered in conjunction with human activities and furnishings.

2. Mounting on rails

This installation method is powerful. Suspending the track in the air is similar to lifting a chandelier.

3. Hidden tracks

At first glance, this installation method is similar to surface installation, but in fact, people hide the track part in the ceiling, design a groove on the ceiling, and install the track part in the groove.

It should be noted here that the track lights selected for the hidden track installation method must be short, so as to avoid excessive exposure of light and make the ceiling appear messy. At the same time, pay attention to the size of the groove opening to prevent the edge of the groove from blocking the light. Light exit.

4. Embedded Track

Compared with concealed installation, this installation method will not be too deep, and it will be flush with the ceiling groove, and will not block the light outlet of the lamp, so there are not too many restrictions on the choice of lamps.

5. Hide

The biggest feature of this installation method is that the track is not exposed and can be installed on the side and ceiling at will. But the requirements for lamps are relatively high. Due to the particularity of the installation, if you want to achieve the ideal light direction control, you must choose an option. Adjust the track light with a larger angle to match.


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