The importance of waterproofing of outdoor led flood lights

Outdoor led flood lights are exposed to the outside all year round, and are exposed to wind, rain, or even rain and snow, which actually has a great impact on street lights. If it is a place with continuous heavy rain, street lamp poles should also be protected. It is best to be hot-dip galvanized. This can prevent serious corrosion of the lamp pole and make the LED street lamp use for a longer time.
Rod rust prevention is nothing more than hot-dip galvanizing, cold-dip galvanizing, spraying, etc. How should the lamp holder be waterproof? In fact, you don’t need to worry too much about this, because many manufacturers take this into consideration when they produce street lamp caps. Most street lamp caps are waterproof.
Not only that, many led outdoor street lights have a protection level of IP65, which completely prevents dust from intruding, no water seepage in heavy rain, and no fear of bad weather. But all things cannot be generalized, because the waterproof performance of outdoor led flood lights depends on the manufacturer's manufacturing capacity and level.


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