What is the aging test standard for LED flood light?

Generally speaking, as a green and energy-saving LED flood light, if the performance test is reduced before use, there will be a certain degree of instability. For example, if the LED flood light is affected by the environment and the operation is not standardized, then the product will flash. , Non-lighting, broken lights, etc., make the LED flood light not as long as the expected service life.

In order to prevent and control the quality problems of LEDs, after the LED flood light is produced into a finished product, 100% aging test is required. The main purpose is to test whether the LED is damaged during the assembly process and whether the power supply is stable in a high temperature environment. The aging test has flexibility in actual operation, which can not only meet the requirements of relevant standards, but also improve production efficiency.

If there is no aging link, product quality cannot be guaranteed, and uncertain factors will appear in the early stage of the work, which will greatly increase subsequent maintenance costs and safety accidents. In contrast, the product has been professionally aged before leaving the factory, and the inspection check has been done, which has improved the efficiency of the lamp and greatly increased the stability of the later work efficiency.

The test standards for lighting LED flood light are divided into the following four types:
1. Do a good job in the aging, impact and other related tests of the drive power;
2. According to the batch of LEDs, sample large current light decay test;
3. Do a full set of testing and aging tests for more than 24 hours for newly developed engineering products to evaluate stability and service life;
4. For mass-produced products, a full set of routine testing and 6-12 hours aging and impact testing are required.


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