Do you know what an LED downlight is

Do you know what an LED downlight is

LED downlight is an improved product developed on the basis of traditional downlights using new LED lighting sources. Compared with traditional downlights, it has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long life, good color rendering, and fast response speed. The design of the LED downlight is more beautiful and lighter. It can maintain the overall unity and perfection of the architectural decoration during installation without destroying the setting of the lamp. The light source is hidden inside the architectural decoration, the light source is not exposed, no glare, and the human visual effect is soft and uniform. 

LED downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling and emits light. LED downlight is a directional lighting fixture. Only its opposite side can receive light. The beam angle is condensed, the light is concentrated, and the contrast between light and dark is strong. The illuminated object is more prominent, the lumens are higher, and the quiet environment is more set off.

LED downlights are mainly illuminated by diode lighting. The lifespan mainly depends on the solid LED light source and the driving heat dissipation part. In 2012, the lifespan of LED downlights has reached more than 80,000 hours. With the continuous research and widespread use of LED technology, the driving In terms of heat dissipation, it has basically reached a relatively ideal state. Compared with ordinary halogen downlights, the lifespan of high-quality LED downlights on the market basically reaches more than 80,000 hours.

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Located in Guangdong Province, with a total area of 20,000 square meters. Approximately 400,000 to 600,000 lamps are produced every month.

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Foshan Dongdian Times Lighting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with 10 years of experience in designing and supplying LED bulbs, LED downlights and floodlights. Our factory is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, which has great advantages in transportation and manufacturing. Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has about 150 employees, has an excellent design and development team, a strict QC department, and advanced equipment to ensure that we can complete orders on time. We cooperate very well, and we are proud to be able to deliver products with the shortest delivery time and high-quality products in the industry. We warmly welcome you to join us for a better future.

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Features of led downlights: to maintain the overall unity and perfection of the architectural decoration, do not destroy the setting of the lamps, the light source hides the interior of the architectural decoration, is not exposed, no glare, and the human visual effect is soft and uniform.
Energy-saving: The power consumption of the same brightness is 1/2 of that of ordinary energy-saving lamps.
Environmental protection: It does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and does not pollute the environment.
Economical: Because electricity saving can reduce electricity expenses, the cost of lighting can be recovered in one and a half years. A family can save tens of yuan in electricity bills a month.
Low-carbon: Saving electricity is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions.
Longevity type: LED lamps have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. Based on six hours of use per day, one LED lamp can be used for 40 years.

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What users say about DD LIGHTING

The life expectancy of the bulb is longer than mine, so it may take a while for me to comment on the quality. The price is good and the service is good!


I have been looking for the brightest possible light bulbs, and it feels like they are definitely them.The difference between these LED lights and standard soft white is great.


These lights are very bright, very bright. They provide good coverage and the light is on the cooler side.


These can be well covered in general in the backyard or side yard.These are great bulbs and we can easily install them.


The light is soft and the driver chip is stable. There is no flicker. The logistics is fast, and the packaging is relatively strong and has a foam layer bottom which is very good.


Simple and beautiful, too complicated shape will shading, and dust is not easy to clean. This kind of ceiling lamp is much more convenient, the lamp beads are good, it is more durable, and the dust is easy to take care of. The brightness is relatively high and very practical.


It is very suitable to be placed on the balcony. The previous lamp was a 40-watt circular energy-saving lamp. This led lamp is 19 watts brighter than the 40-watt one. The shape is simple and generous, and it is easy to do and hygienic. The most important thing is the long use time.


Simple but not simple, easy to install, simple to control, good material, reliable quality, reliable to use, durable, reliable in light, economical in power consumption, suitable for household use, without too complicated design, easy to clean.

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LED Downlights are Deeply Loved by Families

With the development of people's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and advocate a green lifestyle of environmental protection and conservation. With the use of traditional light bulbs for a long time, they will become more and more bright, and the lighting effect will be more and more sufficient. After being abandoned, mercury pollution will be produced, which seriously endangers the earth we rely on for existence. And the light pollution caused by strong illumination is also an important reason for retinal damage. Traditional lighting is mainly white, white is easy to cause eyeball tension, dry eye fatigue, long-term work in white or live, human retina will be damaged to varying degrees, the incidence rate of cataract will be as high as 45%. Therefore, the choice of light bulb has become a problem that many families pay more and more attention to. High quality, low pollution, energy-saving LED bulb has gradually entered people's vision, and LED downlights  is the most favored by families. The life of LED downlights is about ten times as long as that of traditional light bulb, and it only needs one seventh of the power consumption of traditional bulb. The light of LED downlights is not as strong as traditional light, which can protect the eyes of family members and meet the needs of the majority of families.

How to choose a high-quality LED downlight brand

LED downlight has the following advantages: low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, fast response, good color rendering, and long life. After installing the LED downlight, the overall unity of the interior decoration can be maintained. Here, emergency light manufacturers specifically discuss how to choose high-quality LED downlight brands, let us take a closer look. 1. Look at the "spot" As the shape of the light of the LED downlight projected on the plane, the spot is the main standard line for judging the light quality of the lamp. Excellent light spot can directly improve the visual texture of the object, and the expanded light is more natural: different types of light spots, different angle lighting effects. A good spot has a clear focus, uniform imaging, natural diffusion of peripheral light, and no stray light and dark spots. 2. Look at "Anti-glare" Glare is also called "light noise", which refers to unwanted glare and interference light. The "glare" leaking from the lampshade will directly affect people's visual comfort. The design defect of the lamp causes the naked eye to see the light source directly during use, which is the reason for the anti-glare downlight under normal circumstances. Therefore, mirrors, lenses and hoods are usually designed to avoid glare. The anti-glare function is just the "strength" of the Black Diamond series LED downlight. It uses a scientific secondary light distribution design and attaches great importance to the control of glare. The inner wall of the reflector cup has a unique texture, and a new generation of nano-coating technology is used to further enhance its "deep anti-glare" function. Ensure uniform light output, natural halo transition, no macular stray light and light efficiency ≥ 95LM/W. 3. Look at the "signature" CRI is short for color rendering index. It is an index to evaluate the faithful color reproduction ability of the measured light source relative to the reference light source. It is based on the reference or reference light source of the same color temperature (the black body radiator with the same color temperature lower than 5000K and higher than 5000K is a CIE daylight model with the same color temperature). 4. Look at the color temperature The color temperature is also an important parameter for evaluating the light output of the lamp. It is a subjective index, that is, there is no absolute good or bad, right or wrong, the key depends on the applicability of use in different occasions, and the "accuracy" of the color temperature, whether there is an error.

Led high power down light | Common dimensions and parameters of LED downlight

Foshan Dongdian Era Lighting Co., LTD is a manufacturer with led bulb,led downlight,led floodlight,We provide high quality led flood lights, we can do OEM according to our technology, and we can also do ODM for the requirements of our long-term corporate customers. Led downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. Led downlight belongs to directional lighting, only its opposite can receive light, beam angle belongs to spotlight, light is more concentrated, light and shade contrast is strong. More prominent object, higher luminosity, more set off a quiet atmosphere. Dimensions and parameters of LED downlights: 2.5-inch led downlight size parameters: Opening( Φ 80) - Sheet Size Φ one hundred and two × H30 Power 3W Dimension parameters of 3-inch led downlight: Opening( Φ 90) - Sheet Size Φ one hundred and twelve × H30 power 5W 3.5-inch led downlight size parameters: Opening( Φ 100) - Sheet Size Φ one hundred and twenty-two × H30 power 7W Dimension parameters of 4-inch led downlight: Opening( Φ 120) - Sheet Size Φ one hundred and forty-six × H30 power 9W Dimension parameters of 5 inch led downlight: Opening( Φ 150) - Sheet Size Φ one hundred and eighty × H30 Power 12W 6 inch led downlight size parameters: Opening( Φ 160) - Sheet Size Φ one hundred and ninety × H30 power 15W

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